Week 15: Digital Literature

What has changed with the use of digital technology to produce literature?

New doors have opened with the use of digital platforms to create literary works. The ability to express oneself using a technological platform has allowed for a different way to let a reader into an author/artist’s world. These technological advancements have offered a creator new modes of expression as well as given the audience new means to interpret and interact with a piece of work. But before a digital work is created, the creator needs to know a bit about the medium they are using to produce the work. How can the author best convey the message using a digital platform? The way in which they accomplish this is different online versus on a printed page, but that is the point.

Authors have found ways to use algorithms which can be used to create literary works; the pen/pencil and paper and/or the traditional typing in Word has been replaced with an author providing some kind of a program with instructions for creating a work. Traditionally, readers are used to reading words that are permanently fixed on a page, but now this seems a thing of the past. With animations, words can now pop out at the reader, circle around themselves, appear at you one at a time, etc.

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